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Born and raised in the urban hinterland of Berlin, Jochen Discomeyer soon got in touch with the city and its club culture developing after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The impressions he got – maybe much too early in his life – from clubs like the first Tresor or the EWerk, with DJs like Blake Baxter and Jeff Mills, equally fascinated and confused him.

After years of a completely different musical socialization, including metal, punk, hiphop and raw-funk, the then Berlin-based DJ found his way back into clubs of electronic background – this time also behind the turntables. His mixes between cosmic, balearic and disco, which were still somewhat experimental at the beginning, soon developed to musical excursions within different styles of contemporary club-music.

Never forgetting its origins and always driven by the desire to tell a story, Jochen Discomeyer wants to take his listeners on a journey without using stereotypical cliches and metaphors of commercial club-music.